Burlingame meal program has returned

Nutrition center opens

BURLINGAME — The hard work of a small group of people has been successful at getting the meal program for senior citizens returned to Burlingame. Kathy Poe, Raylene Quaney, Christine Shaffer and Donna Young have attended the meetings of the Osage County Commissioners and Board of Mid-America Nutrition Center, Ottawa, as well as countless hours on the phone to fight for the return of the meal program served at Townsite Apartments,

The grand reopening of the meal program was held Wednesday, June 6, with 39 in attendance for the meal. Angie Logan, director of Mid-America Nutrition Center in Ottawa, was on hand to help serve the meals. The reopening included cake, ice cream and prize drawings to celebrate the return of the meal program.

“The residents are extremely happy to have the meals back,” Quaney said. “All the volunteers are glad to be back, too.”

The site manager position is vacant and applications are being accepted for the position, Poe, Quaney, Shaffer and Young serve on the site council. Poe will also be coordinating activities for those attending.

The meals are served at noon Monday through Friday. It is available for residents of Burlingame and the surrounding areas who are either 60 years of age or older or disabled. The meals that are delivered to homes will continue to be delivered out of Osage City.

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