Council clears path for Casey's expansion

OVERBROOK—The Overbrook City Council met in a special session Monday evening to move on an agreement with Casey’s General Stores, Inc., concerning an easement around the property at 403 and 405 East Eight Street in Overbrook.

The meeting discussed the preparation and effects of Casey’s intent to purchase the building and move to the new location. To facilitate the move, Casey’s requested the city access to the property though a driveway located across city property east of the buildings.

“We need to expand our presence,” said Luke Hartke, Store Development Regional Manager at Casey’s General Stores, Inc. “When we get done remodeling the interior, you’re going to have all the same amenities you see in the newer stores.”

During the council meeting, the council approved an agreement for ingress and egress along the existing driveways and parking areas. In the agreement, Casey’s agrees to maintain the property, as well as released the city from liability related to its use. Prior to accepting the agreement, the council spoke with a Casey’s representative by phone.

“We’re going to operate as is,” said Hartke. “We wouldn’t change the width of it. We’re expecting traffic to increase. We’ll play by ear and see how it holds up. If it needs paving, we’ll come in and concrete it.”

Hartke said the business would contact the city prior to making any changes to the property. He also said the business didn’t have any plans to add onto the structure.

“As of right now, the way we have modeled it and valued it, we have that being a 25-year asset,” Hartke said. “For the foreseeable future, it’s going to be as-is.”

Casey’s was set to close on the property Dec. 13. Numerous work vehicles, including marked Casey’s vehicles, were at the property that day.

The building was the former home of Overbrook BP and current home of Double D’s Sports Bar, which will continue to operate at the location. Management at Overbrook BP had informed representatives of The Herald-Chronicle they intended to close Dec. 12. Lights and pumps were turned off that evening.

Hartke said they planned to continue to work with Double Ds following the transition.

“We’re going to continue the lease,” Hartke said. “(Once we reach) the expiration date, then we’re going to see if the tenant wants to continue leasing.”

Much of the concern from council members during the meeting related to the fate of the existing store, located at 200 W. Eight Street. Members were concerned about the building sitting empty.

“It’s not the best part of town to have blight, right across the street from the grade school,” said Kyle Maichel, Overbrook zoning administrator

“We have a staff for taking care of old properties, taking care of lawns and the snow, and mischief,” Hartke said, noting the company would remove gas tanks and replace concrete at the site.

Hartke also said the new location would probably not continue to offer E85 ethanol fuel, but would probably retain the off-road diesel.

“I’m pretty sure were keeping that,” Hartke said. “The volumes were pretty impressive.”

“There are a lot of tractors and farm tanks that come through our city,” said Don Shultz, Overbrook mayor. “Hopefully, you find value in that.”

Hartke also said the company had no intent to change use of the field behind the property.

Following the phone conversation, the council voted 4-0 in favor of approving the agreement.

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