County clarifies potential permanent road closure

LYNDON—Following a request in writing from Ridgeway Township, commissioners considered the closure of 141st Street between California Street and Berryton Road.

The only problem was, commissioners thought they had heard about the issue before, but were unclear of action taken.

“I remember closing a road one time that went through the lake, but I thought it was there,” said Gaylord Anderson, commissioner.

“This issue was discussed since I’ve been here,” said Caleb Crook, county counselor. “But, I don’t remember if it was that road.”

Commissioners sought help from Glen Tyson, road and bridge supervisor, and Becky Bartley, land development director.

“If it was closed before me, they never kept track,” said Bartley.

“If I remember right, adjoining landowners would not sign off on closing of the road,” said Tyson. “The only part that’s closed is on Valencia Road.”

Commissioners wondered if closing the road would be the right thing, and considering options of adding signage, letting those know the road ends in water or vacating the road, so it could potentially open up at a later time.

After discussion with Charlene and Richard Moran, who own land around the area, commissioners agreed Gaylord Anderson would talk with the city of Carbondale and Ridgeway Township before taking any official action.

On and off progress on the Hoch Road Bridge project was again a point of interest at the meeting.

Tyson said pouring of the bridge that was scheduled last week hadn’t been completed due to conflicts with the concrete mixture and pumpers.

“The mix they were trying to pump was so compacted, they just could not pump it with a pumper,” said Tyson. “Cook, Flatt, [and Strobel] designed this project to have a low absorption rate on concrete.”

Tyson explained the mixture included a two percent absorption rate, with fine rock. Engineers recommended such, factoring in salt use on the bridge. In comparison with another bridge, Tyson said Shepherd Bridge in the county has an absorption rate of three to four percent.

“Lots of other scenarios tried to come into play,” said Tyson.

Tyson said following a meeting with bridge officials Monday, absorption of 2.7 percent would be tested, with pouring to posseibly begin Wednesday.

In other business, commissioners:

• approved an employee’s donation of leave time for sheriff’s office personnel.

• approved an annual raise for road and bridge employee Lukis Janssen.

• met with Frontier Extension District representatives Fran Richmond, Janae McNally and Jessica Flory.

• approved two resolutions granting conditional use permits for a retail sporting goods store and a composting operation. See Legal Notices, pages 8 and 9.

• briefly met with former health department employee Charlene Criqui. Criqui thanked commissioners for her experience with the department.
“I appreciate your confidence in me and giving me the opportunity to do the job,” said Criqui.

• held two 10-minute executive sessions.

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