Cruis’n & Cook’n car show draws 300 vehicles

OSAGE CITY — Approximately 300 entrants participated in the 13th Annual Cruis’n and Cook’n Auto Show. The event was held April 8 in downtown Osage City. The 2017 award winners have been announced.

Club participation, Flatland Cruisers, Emporia; Mayor’s Choice, Lowell Seymour, Topeka; Tom Nordling Memorial, Trent Tyson, Burlingame; Dan Noble Memorial, John Matthews, Lawrence; Craig Ogleby Memorial, Enos Perez, Jr., Humboldt; and Kenny Martin Memorial, Larry and Jolene Hudson, Wamego.

Choice award, 29 and before, Frank Wiseman, Wellsville, and Jack Perry, Osage City.

Choice award, 30s and 40s, Gerald Adcock, Topeka, Larry Serrault, Topeka, Gene and Patty Weaver, Paola, Glenn Bohmann, Lawrence, Carl Lindquist, Topeka, and Denny and Donna Tryon, Ozawkie.

Choice award, 50s, Ed Sable, Topeka, Don and ZoAnn Torrey, Topeka, Bob and Sheila Mayer, Topeka, Enos Perez, Jr. Humboldt and Gene and Mary Treinen, Osage City.

Choice award, Chevy Tri-5s, Craig and Cheryl Fox, Topeka, Sam and Lynn Humphreys, Emporia, Don Caiabro, Topeka, Larry and Mary Belangy, Topeka, Sam and Linn Humphreys, Emporia.

Choice award, 60-65, Gordon and Susan Wolfgang, Overland Park, Mike Williams, Topeka, Dick Santner, Topeka, Jack Seslor, Kansas City, MO, and Duane Woodmas, Emporia.

Choice award, 66-69, Mark Tibbits, Topeka, Dutch Tryon, Topeka, Bill and Collette Ryan, Topeka, Mike Meyer, Topeka, Bob Hornback, Burrton, Phil Keller, Topeka, Rick Prockish, Topeka, Regan Erickson, Overbrook, and Kevon and Denise Creech, Auburn.

Choice award, 70s, John Scott, Ottawa, Steve and Teresa McConnel, Alma, Bill Johnson, Topeka, Jesse and Jamie Heberling, Overbrook, Ronald Crawford, Tecumseh, Michael Allen, Topeka, and Dan Hubert, Topeka.

Choice award, 80s & 90s, Brad Stewart, Topeka, and Lowell Protheroe, Lenexa.

Choice award, 2000 and after, David Cunningham, Topeka, Thomas Charest, Topeka, and Rick Rose, Topeka.

Choice award, trucks, 59 and before, Gary Thompson, Emporia, Ralph Knight, Topeka, Keith Shaw, Reading, Ken Baun, Overbrook, Debbie Metsker, Lawrence, and Rlyn Freund, Scranton.

Choice award, trucks, 60 and after, Emmanuel Carter, Topeka, Les Root, Topeka, David Eckert, Manhattan, James Lacore, Topeka, Doug Penka, Richmond, George and Sharon Kelsey, Wamego, and Jerry Berkyoumb, Topeka.

Choice award, motorcycles, Debi Chrum, Osage City, and Kevin Fry, Burlingame.

Choice award, Rat Rods, Rob Rowe, Osage City, Andrew Musil, Carbondale, and Bob and Cheryl McPherson, Berryton.

Top 10, Shawn Gillgannon, Wakarusa, Al and Layne Stevens, Lyndon, Bo Branch, Topeka, Gary Burkdoll, Scranton, Harry Cline, Topeka, Gary McArdle, Topeka, Ray Kirk, Meriden, Vic Enns, Wamego, Lowell Seymour, Topeka, and John Matthews, Lawrence.

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