Harmison to retire as Overbrook Police Chief

OVERBROOK—With minimal announcement and fanfare, Overbrook Police Chief Ed Harmison has announced he will officially retire Jan. 15, 2014, after 40 years of service to the Overbrook community.

“I really planned to go quietly into the night,” Harmison said. “I am 63 and I felt it was the time to retire.”

Harmison began his law enforcement career in 1970 as a military policeman in the Army National Guard. He was hired by the city of Overbrook as a part-time law enforcement officer in 1973. He became a full-time employee for the city when he was appointed police chief in 1999.

During his part-time tenure, Harmison contributed 26 years of service to the Kansas Army National Guard, retiring with the rank of First Sargent from the 35th Division of Military Police Company. He also served as Overbrook Fire Chief until taking a full time position with the police department. Harmison also served as an emergency medical technician intermittently until 2011.

“I am going to miss the community, the people in the community and all the contact with the people,” he said. “It has changed a lot over the years from a farming community to more of a bedroom community.”

He does not plan to be idle during his retirement. He has already received four offers for employment.

“I plan to work in law enforcement part-time somewhere on occasion,” he said, “and hopefully return to Ireland for another visit.”

Ed and his wife, Cheri, have three children, Heather, Jonathan and Holly and two grandchildren, with a third one on the way.

“I would have retired sooner if my wife would have let me do it a year ago,” Harmison joked.

On a more serious note, Harmison hopes the value of following the rules and setting good examples will carry after he steps down.

“I would like for parents to realize how children learn from example,” he said. “If mom and dad speed, don’t use a seatbelt, use drugs and break laws, your children will follow in your footsteps. Please, keep your children in mind when doing things and do the right thing.”

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