Hollingsworth approved as Overbrook Chief

OVERBROOK—The Overbrook City Council officially enlisted interim chief Terry Hollingsworth as the new police chief at it’s April 9 meeting, dismissing the recommendation presented by the selection committee.

A motion was made by council member Carol Baughman to select Terry Hollingsworth, which was approved by a 3-1 over with council member Jon Brady dissenting.

Hollingsworth was one of two final candidates, along with Ron Dean, who had been selected by the committee, which included Baughman, Brady and Overbrook Mayor Don Schultz.

“The candidate pool started out with 16 applications,” Schultz said. “Both candidates brought very good ideas to the table on how to make Overbrook a safer community.”

Brady presented the final recommendation of the council.

“The selection committee is making a recommendation for a motion to be made for applicant Ron Dean and with the approval of Ron Dean, and if he accepts, his start date of employment would be April 28, starting at $16 per hour, with a 6 month probationary period,” Brady said. “If Ron Dean declines the position, then the same offer be made to Terry Hollingsworth.”

Several members of the audience spoke in favor of Hollingsworth being chosen for the position.

"The very first day I opened my business doors, Terry Hollingsworth was present,” said Kent Morrison. “He provided me with information that was needed to provide a safe work environment, and the codes of the city in which he was there to enforce. Since Hollingsworth has become the interim chief of police, he is still a visible part of the community and that makes me and many other citizens in Overbrook sleep better at night.”

“Hollingsworth is your best choice for the chief of police,” JoAnn Lemberger said. “The other candidate is cocky, a smart aleck and the changes he has in store for our community is not what I would call smart.”

Volunteer firefighter Russell Mitchell added concerns about Dean’s relationship with the department.

“We don’t know how there would be a working relationship with Ron,” stated Mitchell, adding that Hollingsworth is a very visible part of our community.

“We have lots of public input to the selection process,” Brady said. “The committee, in my mind, went through a lot of diligence with the applications, especially the two applicants we presented to the council for approve.”

The council convened an executive session to discuss non-elected personnel, before returning to open session. At that time, the council motioned to offer the position to Hollingsworth, who accepted the position, which starts immediately with starting salary of $16 an hour.

In other business, the council:

• received final figures on the Overbrook Library from Donna Crawford. $1,156,795 has been spent, with a final payment of $72,000 to be paid, following the repair of small leaks in the roof other small infractions. Crawford also said the Kansas Department of Commerce was very pleased with the outcome of the library.

• voted 2-2, with Shultz breaking the tie, to approved waver of building permit fees and meter installing for senior housing units to be built in Overbrook as part of a county. The waived fees were estimated at $3,640.

• heard pool manager Sandra Woodruff that the pool will open May 24. Lifeguards will be paid by the city and there will be no overtime this year. There are nine returning lifeguards. A grant for the pool benches was denied.

• heard concerns from citizen Roy Young about drainage problems created by the increased height of the alleyway behind his home on the 600 block of Cedar Street.

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