LETTER: Flower thief back at it

Dear Editor:

I do not know how bad it is in other cemeteries, but the Scranton cemetery has a flower theft problem. It’s not like they take old flowers that are put out and left. No, they take special ones that are handmade special for our family.

We lost our mom last year and my sister made a special wreath for Memorial Day, last year. It had different colored roses for each of us girls. It was taken this year during Memorial week. I lost my husband a week after my Mom. I bought a special headstone wreath that was red, white, and blue roses with little flags because he was a disabled vet, and it disappeared last month. I think it is pretty bad when someone has to take flowers off graves. We put them out there for a reason, for our loved ones. Yes, we do visit the graves on a regular basis.

I posted this last year and my headstone wreath showed back up. So I redid it for this year. I was going to leave it out for Father’s Day, but guess what? They took it again this year, plus the roses out of our vase.

I hope whoever keeps taking our flowers enjoys them and that the spirits of our loved ones haunt them. They need to know that stealing is stealing no matter where you take it from. I work hard for the money to put flowers out on my husband’s grave.

Cindy Parks

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