LETTER: Resident uphappy with resurfacing

Dear Editor:

When attending the Kansas Department of Transportation meeting in September 2013, KDOT personnel announced that they were going to build a complete new highway south of the present K-3l Highway from Osage City east to Highway 75. Most people were shocked to learn this, as the original plan was to put shoulders on the existing highway.

When talking to one of the engineers, he was asked what they were going to do with the present highway after the new one was built. He smiled, like it was the most brilliant plan anyone had ever had, and said, “we are going to tear it up and plant grass.”

When talking to one of the women representatives of KDOT about the fences that would be removed and would need to be rebuilt, as to who would build the new ones, she replied that she didn’t know, but that the owners would probably get to keep the posts and wire from the existing fences.

Since that meeting, several different things have been put forth including stakes being put on some of the land that is to be taken for the new road. Word had been spread that the present highway was to be resurfaced, however, it was difficult to believe that in view of the plan to build a new one and “tear the old one up and plant grass.”

Low and behold, it is now being resurfaced. Cost of the resurfacing has not been mentioned. How can this be, when in two years it is to be replaced with a new road to the south? Has KDOT finally decided to cancel the plan to take crop ground, pasture ground, and two homesteads at a cost of $26.1 million when the highway fund is broke and the state is in such dire straits? Could it be that our governor and secretary of transportation have finally made a wise choice?

The director of the division of engineering and design on July 9, 2015, told me that the present highway was no good. I have travelled that highway for many years. There are no potholes and no problems of any kind. It did not need resurfacing.

So, I was surprised when the director said it was no good and that was why it had to be replaced.

Sylvia M. Riepen
Osage City

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