LETTER: Ski Club offers ‘amazing’ show

Our family enjoyed the ski show presented by the Pomona Ski Club July 4. I wonder just how many people in Osage County are aware of this special group of people. It was amazing to watch the adults and youth working together to provide fun and harmony for the good of the club.

I certainly have a personal interest in this group as they have provided a wonderful gift to one of my grandsons. Gayle was born with cerebral palsy and has limited use of his legs. This organization has taken such an interest in Gayle and given him a wonderful opportunity to do something that gives him a feeling of belonging. The club has a “sit ski” so that the individual can actually sit on the ski. With help of two regular skiers, they can give balance to the disadvantaged skier. In fact, the Pomona Ski Club offers a couple of special days devoted to people, young and old, who are mentally and physically challenged. Can you imagine the feeling of freedom and happiness this opportunity gives to these special people? The smiles and expressions of glee are heartwarming.

Many thanks to the Pomona Ski Club for their time and talents to provide happiness for others.

Judy Marten

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