Safe Routes discussion recalls trail rejection

OSAGE CITY—Much of the June 24 meeting of the Osage City Council focud on traffic – vehicle and pedestrian.

Bruce Boettcher, BG Consultants, was on hand to discuss KLINK improvements along K-31 in the city, as well as the Safe Routes to School project.

BG Consultants had completed a master plan, paid for by a $15,000 grant as part of Phase I of Safe Routes to School. Boettcher presented plans of improvements, which would benefit the largest number of students walking or biking to school. The plan included improvements primarily along Fourth, Fifth, Safford and California streets within a five-block radius of the school.

During discussion, council members brought up additional pedestrian traffic issues in the city, including walkers along east Laing Street (K-31), which has no shoulder of sidewalks.

“Seems like we’ve got a long way to go before we get out to the highways,” said council member Leroy Stromgren. “If you ever go to the highway in the morning, drive slow, because they don’t wear protective clothes.”

“Is there any state funding for that?” asked council member Bruce Schoepflin.

“There is, but it’s getting tighter,” Boettcher said. “There are hike and bike trails, and that’s something to look at.”

“We had the funding and the means to do that at one time, and we voted that down,” said council member Becky Brewer.

Brewer was referencing a vote by the city council on July 12, 2011, which halted a project to pave the Flint Hill Nature Trail between Ninth and 13th streets, just north and parallel to the highway.

“That’s completely different,” said Stromgren. “You’re off the subject, ma’am.”

“I don’t think it’s off the subject,” said mayor Quintin Robert. “We’re talking about getting pedestrian traffic off Laing Street, and that would have accomplished that.”

Discussion was derailed again when council member Duane Peroo brought up issues on Holliday Street.

“We don’t have money to fix our streets,” Peroo said. “When it comes down to fix our deteriorating street, we don’t have money.”

“If you don’t want to do the sidewalks, we don’t have to do it,” Robert said.

Robert realigned discussion in each instance, asking Boettcher what the city needed to do to move forward. Boettcher asked for acceptance of the draft, and confirmation that the city intended to move forward with the application for Phase II, due July 18. Schoepflin suggested moving discussion to the council’s next work session on July 1.

“We can knock it around, make a decision at our next regular council meeting,” Schoepflin said.

Boettcher also discussed the 2014 KLINK project between Seventh and Laing streets and the 2015 KLINK project between Fourth and Seventh streets. The council approved the 2014 project, and supported the 2015 project.

The 2015 project also presented the opportunity to repair deteriorating storm sewers and sidewalk ramps, which the city will continue to explore over the coming months.

In other business, the council:

• discussed delays with the lake dredging project, due to the bonding application process of Skillman Construction, contractor. City staff will also seek bids for seeding to complete the dam rehabilitation project.

• appointed Bill Rezac to the vacant position on the Osage City Tree Board, formerly held by Ronda Newland.

• accepted the low bid from Vance Brothers, Kansas City, Mo., of $85,076.13 for chip and seal work along 53,507 square yards of city streets.

• approved purchase agreement of a surface and overhead easement from Edmund and Debra Weatherford for $20,000 as part of the Airport Capital Improvement Project.

• approved Ordinance 1579, clarifying and legalizing Sunday liquor sales except on Christmas and Easter (see Public Notices, Page 8).

• approved Resolution 980, setting new rental rates for the community building (see Public Notices, Page 8).

• approved Resolution 981, updating a program for assisting homeowners with mitigating infiltration and inflow issues that contribute to the overflow problems for the city (see Public Notices, Page 8).

• conducted one five- and three 10-minute executive sessions with Rick Godderz and Rod Willis, who were present to discuss non-elected personnel.

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