LETTER: Appreciation for small town police

On July 25, residents and businesses in Overbrook and the surrounding community took time to show appreciation for Overbrook police officers. The department is made up of only a chief, a full-time officer and a few part-time officers. However, considering the scope of service they provide; they are a terrific public safety team.

Across our nation police and law enforcement officers are being targeted by radicals. Concern for their safety on the job is at an all time high. Prayers for their protection are always welcome and encouraged.

LETTER: Inequality is not good for society

Today we are living in a downright unequal society. Inequality has become greater now than it has been at any time in the past 100 years. The average annual income for the top .1 percent of U.S. households is estimated to be $6,087,113, compared to only $33,068 for the bottom 90 percent of households. Currently, the United States economy is more unequal than the economies of its peer democratic countries in the developed world.

LETTER: Be safe this July 4

This Fourth of July, Americans will toast the country’s independence with friends, family and fireworks. While summer holidays should be carefree and fun, they also present the ideal time to remind adults to plan ahead and celebrate responsibly. That is why Flint Hills Beverage and our employees are renewing our pledge to be or use a designated driver any time alcohol is part of our plans.

Bad News: Schools will open on time

I start this update to you with some bad news for our kids who are out enjoying swimming pools, ball fields and snow cones, and some good news for parents; our schools will open on time this fall.

On Thursday last week, we returned to Topeka to address the mandate that we ensure our schools were constitutionally funded. As I wrote to you in an earlier update, this fix was about equity and ensuring that school children received similar educational opportunities without regard to the relative property values of the land in their school district.

LETTER: A job well done

Dear Editor:

A thank you to the American Legion Post 198 members who held another successful pancake feed on May 28 with good attendance and satisfied customers. Generous Poppy donations were also received in conjunction with the pancake breakfast and again on May 29 at Jerry’s Thriftway. Thank you to Jerry’s for the use of their premises and to all who donated.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: State passes juvenile justice reform bill

This week the legislature wrapped up the regular session and is now on its spring break. There is a great deal that has happened in the last several weeks and I do not have enough space to discuss all of it here.

On the last day of session, the House and Senate passed SB 367 the juvenile justice reform bill. This bill is the result of a nearly yearlong effort to reform the juvenile justice system with three goals in mind:

OPINION: Exercise your right to vote

Our country was founded with a government “for the people, of the people, and by the people.” When the founding fathers sat down to draft the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, they realized the importance of the right to vote. Within the Constitution, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Governments are instituted among [citizens], deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.” Thus, power is found in the hands of the citizens, not the government.

LETTER: Is poverty pushing the lines?

Dear Editor:

I wanted to respond to the letter from Richard Jackson CEO of ECKAN. As a former board member for that organization I can attest to the worthwhile services they provide to the community. Where I take issue is the insistence that poverty is rising.

LEGISLATIE UPDATE: Representative disappointed with budget

Greetings from the Kansas House. As I write to you we are working on the House floor to consider a number of bills before the turnaround deadline. This is the deadline when most House bills must leave the House and be sent over to the Senate for consideration and vice versa. The week before turnaround is a very busy one as committees work to pass out bills. Then the day or two before turnaround day, all representatives spend the day on the House floor working bills that House leadership believes worthy of consideration.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Consolidation discussed

Greetings from the Kansas Statehouse. I write to you from the beginning of the second year of our two-year session. This means many of the bills from last year are still alive and capable of being acted on with little notice. In addition, many new bills have already been offered this year. Here is a rundown of a few of them that may be of interest.


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