LETTER: School board members deserve recognition

Dear editor,

Ordinary citizens doing extraordinary work: that’s how to describe our local board of education! These seven individuals are our friends and neighbors who are creating a future for every child in our community. They spend countless hours preparing to make decisions, participating in meetings and attending school activities and events. They advocate on the local, state and national levels for our children. They are held accountable for the decisions they make, and do all of this as volunteers.

LETTER: Law favors cattle owners, not unfortunate drivers

Dear Editor:

To all auto drivers who have had a near miss accident with a cow in which you steer away to avoid hitting the cow and you take the ditch and flip the truck over and total it out. It is not the farmer’s fault. Know the laws before trying the court.

LETTER: Resident uphappy with resurfacing

Dear Editor:

When attending the Kansas Department of Transportation meeting in September 2013, KDOT personnel announced that they were going to build a complete new highway south of the present K-3l Highway from Osage City east to Highway 75. Most people were shocked to learn this, as the original plan was to put shoulders on the existing highway.

Moran rolls with rhetoric on listening tour

LYNDON—Most of the area’s political representatives and I are on a first name basis. I’ve been in the area a while, and I’ve been in meetings with most of them several times.

As they go up the hierarchy, frequency of visits and familiarity decreases. Congressional House members come around every month or two, and the last one’s listening tour drew three people, myself included.

Senators are a more rare bird, so I wasn’t surprised when a couple dozen residents and a few lobbyists attended U.S. Senator Jerry Moran’s visit Saturday morning at the Lyndon Community Center.

LETTER: New highway will reduce farmland

This is a letter regarding the planned complete new construction of six miles of K3l east of Osage City to Highway 75. Some drivers consider that the present highway is not good because they cannot pass other vehicles that are not going fast enough to suit them. Drivers should consider that even if they could pass as wanted, it is, just a six-mile distance, and even if they could go 80 miles per hour, they would not gain over two minutes to reach. Osage. Will it be worth it to lose 300 feet of all land on the south side of the old highway?

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: We’re number one, and we don’t like it

Anthony Hensley | 19th District Senator

Last week during a Statehouse news conference, Governor Sam Brownback claimed that the tax plan he signed into law is not a tax increase. The truth is, not only is it a tax increase, it is the largest tax increase in state history.

The sales tax rate now goes up to 6.5 percent statewide as of July 1. This rate applies to all goods purchased, including food. Senate Democrats offered amendments twice to lower the sales tax rate on food. Both passed by wide margins. Unfortunately, the final tax plan did not reduce the sales tax on food.

LETTER: Flower thief back at it

Dear Editor:

I do not know how bad it is in other cemeteries, but the Scranton cemetery has a flower theft problem. It’s not like they take old flowers that are put out and left. No, they take special ones that are handmade special for our family.

Corbet, Mast vote for record tax increase

TOPEKA—All three of Osage County’s representatives were present for a 4 a.m. vote Friday morning – the extended 112th day of the normally 90 day legislative session.

Legislators emerged with the approval of House Bill 2109 and Senate Bill 270, reportedly the largest tax increase in Kansas history. The bill’s main source of new revenue is an increase to the sales tax from 6.15 to 6.5 percent.

LETTER: Regional track meet a success

To the Editor:

On May 22, Osage City High School hosted, for the first time in history, a 16 team Kansas State High School Activities Association Regional Track Meet. This event brought hundreds of people to Osage City from all over northeast Kansas. The meet ran off exceptionally well and school officials received numerous compliments from the patrons and coaches from many other communities on the facilities, grounds, and organization of the meet.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Another attack on Kansas farmers

Anthony Hensley | 19th District Senator

TOPEKA—If Sen. Jeff Melcher and other Senate Republicans have their way, farmers and ranchers will see a 64 percent property tax increase as a means to help fill the massive budget hole our state is currently facing.


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