LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: House approves wind power, hemp bills

Blaine Finch | 59th District Representative

Veto session has picked up this week with a fair bit of action on both sides of the dome but little progress towards finding the solution for the big issues of budget and taxation.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Employment practices going back to the dark ages

Anthony Hensley | 19th District Senator

A bill that changes the Kansas Civil Service Act is now on its way to Governor Brownback. House Bill 2391 replaces state employees classified status to unclassified. I voted against it.

Under a classified status, employees are subject to protections in terms of pay, hiring and firing. Unclassified jobs allow employees to be hired and fired at will. HB 2391 makes it so new hires will be unclassified in most state agencies, and anyone who voluntarily transfers or is voluntarily promoted will be changed to unclassified status.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: State budget still facing shortfall

Greetings from the Kansas statehouse where spring is in full bloom. This week the legislature has returned to Topeka for what is called the veto or wrap-up session. Traditionally this time was used to reconsider any bills the governor may have vetoed and handle any un-tidied legislative business. In more modern times this has become the session where much of the budget and taxation debate takes place.

LETTER: Shaming our way to prosperity

At a time when more Kansas families are finding it difficult to make ends meet and provide for their children, the State remains determined to unravel the few remaining threads of our social safety net. Fresh on the heels of its refusal to expand Medicaid to cover uninsured Kansans, the ideologically driven Kansas Legislature decided this past week that it was time to double down on its war on the poor.

LETTER: School funds decreasing, despite legislative spin

Dear Editor,

No matter what spin many of the Legislators put on the actions they are taking on the public education system of our State, the fact remains that the money being appropriated for schools is being decreased. Steve Pegram, Superintendent of the Santa Fe Trail School District, did a gallant job of explaining the budget impacts on his district. A comparative commentary could be made by nearly every superintendent in the state.

LETTER: An open invitation from USD 434 Superintendent

The response from Kansas Representative (Ken) Corbet regarding my statements about the new block grant funding was very well written. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this was a response from the Kansas Policy Institute.

LETTER: Corbet responds to school funding letter

I am thankful for USD 434 Superintendent Steve Pegram’s letter to the editor (“School Funding is Just Distorted Facts”) because it demonstrates firsthand why the block grant bill was so important for the future of public education.

LETTER: Faith restored by helpful citizens

Dear Editor:

Around 3 p.m. Feb. 27, I fell face down on the ground. It was very cold and snow was on the way. I heard two loud pops in my face. At first, I couldn’t figure out what happened. I could not get up so I yelled, not thinking anyone would hear me. I noticed bleeding from my nose and my face was hurting and swelling. I started to yell.

LETTER: School funding just distorted stats

Dear Editor:

Upon reviewing my Twitter account, I came across a tweet from Ken Corbet (state representative for the Santa Fe Trail school district), so I thought I would open it to see what he posted. To my surprise, there was a picture showing that all school districts he represents were going to receive more money to operate their schools under a new block grant formula approved by the legislature and signed by Governor Brownback.

Candidate Profiles: Burlingame mayor, council positions

The Osage County Herald-Chronicle is providing basic information on area candidates running for municipal and school board positions in the April 7 election.
Candidates for each position were contacted by mail at the address of filing and were asked to provide a photo and return questions about why they are running for office, issues and goals they wish to address, their past record of service and their relationship to the community.

Ray Hovestadt

Burlingame Mayor


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