LETTER: Set your sights on kindness

Dear Editor:

October is Bullying Prevention Month. In the 2014 Kansas Communities That Care Survey, more than 13,000 Kansas students stated they were bullied between one and two times per week, and approximately 2,500 students disclosed being bullied each day. Nationwide, around 160,000 U.S. children stay home from school each day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students (National Education Association).

EDITORIAL: Beer festival a smashed success

I’ll admit it. I was a little more than excited to attend an event named after one of my favorite intellectual and scholarly films, “Beerfest.” Finding out that Osage City was having their own festival of such made me want to find my favorite beer, freeze it into ice blocks in the winter, skate on it and melt it in the spring time.

While this was by no means a competition, I couldn’t help but be curious as to how many I could get through sampling out of approximately 75 beers.

LETTER: We are not boggin down…..

The Osage County board members have made the final decision that will band all future mud runs in Carbondale. As citizens, we have the right to voice our opinion. These events are family oriented. Our children love them, charities benefit from them and the proceeds from the concession stand support our local educational funding. Is that not enough reason in itself to keep these events around? According to the board members, the answer is “no.”

LETTER: Tree to stay at golf course

Dear Editor:

We are informing the concerned citizens of Osage City about the possible removal of a tree at the Osage City Municipal Golf Course. At the July board meeting, it was brought to our attention that the tree had caused damage to the practice green and the Pro Shop. The Board made the decision to request the City remove the tree, if possible. At the time we did not know that we had to have Tree Board approval to remove a tree on City property. A request was made to the City to remove the tree.

LETTER: Ski Club offers ‘amazing’ show

Our family enjoyed the ski show presented by the Pomona Ski Club July 4. I wonder just how many people in Osage County are aware of this special group of people. It was amazing to watch the adults and youth working together to provide fun and harmony for the good of the club.

LETTER: Unprecedented federal land grab

The Osage County Farm Bureau wants our fellow Kansans to know the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, is attempting an unprecedented federal land grab that will hurt Kansas businesses and damage our fragile state economy.

The EPA has proposed a rule that would allow it and the Army Corps of Engineers to use the federal Clean Water Act to dictate how landowners use their land.

LETTER: Roundabout a complete terror

The members of American Legion Post 198 once again held a well-attended pancake feed May 24, which was enjoyed by many. God bless the veterans and God bless America.

On another subject, the planned roundabout on Highway 75 and Highway 31 is a complete terror. Couple that with the land being wasted to construct it, then think about the Kansas Department of Transportation’s plan to build a new Highway 31 from Osage City to Highway 75, and it makes one wonder what kind of leaders we have to propose such things.

LETTER: Cancer survivor grateful for support

A year ago, I wrote in thanking my wonderful community for their love and support as I was undergoing treatments for breast cancer. I am happy to report that it has been a year since I have been done with those treatments and I am in remission.

I was very lucky that my cancer was caught early and I spoke about the importance of doing breast exams. Well, I am here again as an advocate for early detection again, but this time for prostate cancer.

EDITORIAL: Remember, we’re in this together

I expected to write an editorial, or at least a story, about the Osage City Airport this week, which could meet a fateful vote at the March 11 city council meeting.

The decision there is one that should be given much thought, and time to consider the issue – to be sure all facts relating to the funding and future of the city are taken into account before decisions are made.

Osage City’s airport upgrade drawn hundreds of online comments, and plenty of dispute – one of many issues drawing dispute around the county.

LETTER: Business owner responds to airport discussion

I've been throwing myself out of an airplane 100 to 200 times a year since 1989, and often taking first timers with me. So I feel I know a little about Risk Assessment. (I know nothing about risk management because I think trying to manage risk is like trying to hold air in your hands.) A question such as this undoubtedly has risk associated with it. But the flip side to risk is reward. I only take on risk that I have thoroughly evaluated as acceptable based on the reward I will get.


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