LETTER: Volunteers greatly appreciated

As USD 420 gears up to move through the final stages of the Building for the Future projects, examples of the pride local patrons have in Osage City Schools have been made apparent in many ways.

LETTER: Kansas house actions troubling

Feb. 13, 2014, was an unfortunate milestone in our state, for on that day 72 members of the Kansas House of Representatives sought to appease their personal righteous concerns about the lifestyles of their constituents in the LGBTQ community with the passage of House Bill 2453.

EDITORIAL: Representatives should be mindful of all Kansans

For someone who has spent most of his life in Kansas’ small towns, I consider myself to be a fairly worldly person. I have friends all over the country and all over the world, many who grew up as Kansans and have branched out in all directions.

They, as I, are proud to represent the Sunflower State.

That is unless saddened and disenfranchised by the bigoted actions of its elected representatives who chose to side with discrimination over civil rights.

Legislative Update – Bill could cost county $150,000

Greetings from the newly dedicated Kansas Statehouse. We are beginning to pick up steam as we close out the third week of the session and head into February. Committees have been meeting all week hearing bills. We will now start working bills, considering amendments and passing certain bills out of committee for consideration by the House.

LETTER: Industrial committee chairman supports airport expansion

As chairman of the Osage City Industrial Committee, I am writing in support of expansion of the local airport with the assistance of a Federal Aviation Administration grant. The grant will pay for 90 percent of the cost of the airport improvements and secure the future of our airport as one of the best airports for cities under 10,000 population, which enables our committee to retain and attract industry and the jobs they create.

LETTER: Elected officials should be held to high standard

I would like to think that the reporter made an error, that a member of the council grumbled “Blow it out your---” as a citizen was making her comments about the city’s trash rates. However, I fear that is not so.

It makes me both sad and at the same time offended that we have elected officials that would be so rude and crude in a public meeting and that a citizen’s comments would be dismissed in such a crude fashion. I do hope that after the meeting the mayor or someone took the council member off to the side and told him, Hey, clean up your act.


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