Fair dates set, carnival booked

OSAGE CITY—The Osage City Fair Board has contracted with a carnival and set dates for the Osage City Fair, which will begin June 25 with 4-H events. The carnival will run from Thursday, June 26, through Saturday, June 28.

“This is an earlier date than the board would like, however carnivals are hard to find,” said Ken Foth, Osage City Fair Board president. “The calendar will be favorable for the next few years for the way carnivals schedule, so hopefully in the future the board can find a carnival that will be available after the Fourth of July.”

Children's advocacy group seeks volunteers

Children are in and out of court systems every day, without a stable adult in their life. There are people out there who are willing to be that adult. Anyone can take a chance to be a court-appointed special advocate.

“We are always looking for volunteers,” said Shelly Lojka, executive director for Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA), fourth judicial district. “We are always looking for quality people who want to volunteer and give their time to work with children who are in the court system due to abuse, neglect and other reasons, as well.”

Water main break announced in Overbrook

As of approximately 12:40 p.m., the water main break has been fixed and service is being restored in the area. Residents experiencing low water pressure or colored water may contact City Hall at (785) 665-7328.

Overbrook city clerk, Jim Koger, announced a water main break at 4th and Locust streets. Koger said Dig Safe had been called and service would be impacted in the surrounding area.

Commissioners weigh bridge, bond concerns

LYNDON—Commissioners still have their minds on money and bridges this week, as phase four bids came in and talk continued for the fracture critical list.

Bob Chambers, engineer, attended the meeting Monday and was able to answer questions commissioners had regarding the list and the upcoming inspections.

“This fracture critical list, can we get ourselves off of it if we do a fix on a bridge or is it just because it’s the style of bridge you’re on?” asked commissioner Ken Kuykendall.

“It depends, some you can, some you can’t,” said Chambers.

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Board of education meeting agendas

Agendas for February board of education meetings in Osage County.

Schools adjust schedules after snow days

School districts in Osage County have announced rescheduled events and makeup days as a result of snow days this week.

Lyndon High School has announced three makeup days. School will now be in session Feb. 24, March 14 and March 24.

City searches for source of increasing water loss

LYNDON — Dave Wilson, maintenance supervisor, may have saved the city trouble as he discovered a large water loss from rates.

“It’s about double the percentage from last year,” said Wilson. “It sounds like a lot because it is a lot.”

Wilson said that the last time the city experienced a loss of this magnitude was in 2007, but the loss was easily accounted to new towers and water lines.

The city doesn’t wish to point fingers, but wants to do what they can to find the source of the loss.

Carbondale preps for $3.7 million sewer project

CARBONDALE—The Carbondale City Council voted to move forward with several major pieces of its $3,696,000 project to update and maintain the city’s sewer system at the Feb. 3 regular meeting.

County attempts to bridge funding gap

LYNDON—Over the hills or through the woods, commissioners gathered Monday to take a look at bridges on the fracture-critical list for the year.

With proposed cuts in funding, commissioners aren’t faced with many options when it comes to closing down or converting bridges on the list to low water crossings in order to avoid a costly inspection by the federal government.

“This is something that is driven not by us, but by the federal government,” said commissioner Ken Kuykendall.



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